whatever He says to you, do it!

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Whatever He Says To You, Do It
Monday, December 26, 2011 

Consider the present-day company that compares to those at Cana the day Jesus’ miracle ministry began; in the consideration we see modern examples of key players in the story. John 2

Mary, for example, was a catalyst. Her role set the stage when she spoke first to Jesus, then to the servants. Ultimately you could say Jesus followed her lead as did the servants Mary instructed simply “Whatever He says to you, do it.” Apparently she spoke with considerable authority or the servants would not have obeyed instructions from a woman since the culture then did not grant authority to a woman. And for the servants’ part, had they refused Mary’s instruction could the miracle have taken place? 

The lesson is obvious: Authority is discernible and produces visible fruit; authority speaks and someone responds accordingly. Rules, doctrine and cultures do not dictate Godly authority, at least not ultimately. God alone establishes authority through those He chooses. 

The Lord inhabits the lives of those available for the mission. He stirs their heart for divine purpose and speaks clearly to and thru them. His leading is neither complicated nor mystical and an obedient response is simply to discern His Spirit and honestly witness to His Truth. Philippians 2:13 

Whatever He says to you, do it! 



About propheticendtimes

I am a spirit-filled believer, a woman of faith, called to be a teacher-prophetess in 1987 by the Holy Spirit. I have 2 grown children and 6 grandchildren and one sister. Love the prophetic and spiritaul warfare. Love animals and I am active in promoting their welfare. I am pro-life.

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