Seen Yet Unseen: Actual Mother Of United States President Barack Obama Appears With Him At D.C. Verizon Center


Seen Yet Unseen: Actual Mother Of United States President Barack Obama Appears With Him At D.C. Verizon Centerby Martha TrowbridgeCopyright © 2013 Martha Trowbridge. All Rights Reserved.Please refer to Reprint/Quotation Policy, above30 March 2013, Saturday: As the world commemorated Christ in his tomb, anticipating his Resurrection the very next dawn, a dramatic scene unfolded in a Washington D.C. arena.[Jo] Ann Newman, the actual, biological, living mother of the man who presents as United States President “Barack Hussein Obama II” physically, publicly appeared with him.Seen yet unseen, throughout an NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament game, by his side, the President’s mother sat. With no official declaration by her son. No fanfare. No press hovering about for interviews.Yet there she was, bedecked in bright orange, seen yet ‘unseen’ at the Washington D.C. Verizon Center. Mom and son. Son and mom. Side by side, hanging out. Taking in the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, as if it were the most natural thing in the world for them to be there together.How could it be? Was this woman-in-the-flesh at “Obama’s” side the ghost of “Stanley Ann Dunham”, reportedly dead since 1995? Who, eighteen years later, in 2013, had resurrected Holy Saturday evening?Hardly.No resurrected “Stanley Ann Dunham” sat there. No. The real-life, biological mother of “President Obama” was she who sat there with her son, chumming around, as together they watched the NCAA playoffs between Syracuse and Marquette.Known in the late 1950’s through at least November 1965 as Jo Ann Newman of New York City, this time when she publicly joined her famous son, Mom was not disguised by a wig. Or eyeglasses. Or sunglasses. Or heavy makeup.This time, Mom appeared just as she is.Tracking her for two full years, Mom’s ‘au naturel’ appearance with her son stunned me. Why would he permit her to join him so openly, so truthfully, when he knew I would know her? And why would she consent, after all her hidden years, to boldly, plainly manifest in front of cameras?Strikingly: why would [Jo] Ann’s hair be coiffed identically to the style she wore, when I first identified her in November 2011, in the immediate aftermath of Malcolm X’s 1965 assassination? *Could it be, that after decades of deceit, she and her son are stepping forward in Truth?If so, why now?Studying the images, perhaps it’s as simple as this: “Obama’s” mother may be dying.  The long-ago uterine cancer of which The Obama Campaign – and “Obama” himself – often spoke, may be flaring. In every photo presented, when analyzed, [Jo] Ann Newman’s face, neck and upper chest appear extensively bruised, consistent with chemotherapy. It may be a medical bracelet on her wrist.She seems weak.  Sad.Copyright ©2013 Reuters / Yuri Gripas If [Jo] Ann Newman is indeed terminally ill, it may well be that mother and son – in their own fashion – are stepping forth together, for all the world to see.It all circles back to New York City, where a teenage white girl fell head over heels in love with a married black man twice her age, and bore him a son in October 1959. [See “Stan The Sham, And True Love”.]A son they named Bâri’ M. Shabazz, [see “Bâri’, Barry, Barack”] in honor of his father Malcolm X Shabazz’s Moslem name.A son, since the 1980’s, who’s been known to the world as “Barack Hussein Obama II”.Was appearing with his mother publicly, Holy Saturday afternoon, the act of a repetitively reckless man?Or was Malcolm X’s boy weary of playing the role of another man’s son?Did [Jo] Ann Newman sit with her son, United States President “Barack Hussein Obama II”, for all the world to see, as testament to Malcolm X? As his lover and hugest fan, as mother to his famous heir? Who, facing the end of her days, emerges, unmistakably, to take her public place in their son’s history?FULL REPORT, INCLUDING ANALYSIS OF IMAGES OF JO ANN NEWMAN AS A YOUNG WOMAN, AND MOTHER-SON IMAGE ANALYSIS, IS AVAILABLE HERE – registration is free -*Appreciation to Erik Rush for his early-on collaboration.

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