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2014 Decree


Prophet Glenda W. Fields

I want to pronounce a blessing over you!!!

I decree that 2014 will be the greatest year of your life and that you will CROSSOVER in this year into all that God has for you. The number ’14’ symbolizes ‘A double measure of spiritual perfection’ double portion, deliverance, double completion, double recreate, double reproduce, and fear of God.’

I decree that God’s divine favor will greet you at every phase, segment, chapter, and stage.

I decree that God’s promise of divine success will overtake you, chase you down at every turn and opportunity.

I decree that what was once hidden, disguised, camouflaged, concealed, masqueraded in obscurity will now be a catalyst, expeditor, promoter, facilitator for God’s divine opportunities.

I decree that this year, this season of your life is your defining moment.

I decree that you are in the proper position and placement in God, and are on the fast…

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Prophecy: The Word of the Lord for 2014 – Part II


Prophet Glenda W. Fields

Prophecy: The Word of the Lord for 2014 – Part II

Yes, many churches will be exposed this year! God is not pleased with their actions or their compromising ways. God says: “Be warned! Those who stand in My holy pulpit, stand in My holy place, and profess that they are living right (righteous) but are not, be forewarned! Stop your wrongdoings, NOW! You have led many of My sheep astray, feeding them false hope, lies, false doctrine, your own personal agendas, dreams, vision, etc., as Mine; know this, you are held accountable for every corruptible deed you have done. I will visit you at a time that you think not!”

“Wake up my people, cry out to Me, NOW! There will be weeping and wailing and a great shaking and shifting that will be taking place in many churches, and in many nations. Terror, chaos, betrayal, deception, is taking…

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Don’t Choke



Prophet Glenda W. Fields

I do not care what your situation looks like… what you are going through at this point in your life… it matters not that the devil is out to steal, kill, and destroy, you are NEXT… Yes, you are Next in Line… See Yourself walking in your wealthy place… See yourself the way God sees you… Stop giving the devil an Open Door in your life… Shut him out once and for all… Stay FOCUSED… Stay in Alignment with the Will of God… Don’t you dare move… Don’t you dare give up on God… Don’t you dare throw away your blessing, your dreams, your promises, your vision… It will MANIFEST… It SHALL COME TO PASS… Hold on…  Birth this baby (babies) Fort, Travail, Persevere, Pursue, Chase, after God… The more you pull on Him, the More He releases into your hands…☺ G. Fields


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