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Prophetic Word for 2012

Prophetic word!!!

Year 2012 is almost here!!!

This is the year the Lord has been speaking to us long time ago.

We started the internet website ministry in 2005, and the Lord has been telling us about the 7years, from 2005-2012.


He told us that year 2012, is the year when we enter (shift) into God’s calendar (seasons), even if we know about His seasons or not.

 Year 2012 is a time when those who follow His calendar will eat the fruit of the land, and A time when we are being soaked in His showers of blessings, also being the same time to arise and shine.


As Christmas time is approaching, and since we are in the military system right now, warfare is increasing and the evil spirit of Nimrod  is beginning to oppress the people, but fear not! And do not lose heart, we just have to press on and keep on moving!



The greater the warfare, the greater the blessing. The enemy knows he is defeated and he is trying his level best to hinders God’s people from entering in to 2012.


He is destroying relationship, bringing poverty and attacks on people’s finances, strife, division, anger, sexual immorality and all sorts of attacks, so that he may make God’s people to doubt God’s promises and His existence.

We have to use these warfares as a stepping stone to our destiny!!!


Before David was made king, even his own followers (nearest warriors) wanted to stone him during the incident of Ziklag, people also wanted to stone Moses and some people even wanted to stone  Yeshua (Jesus Christ) too, but deeply it was just a warfare between God and the enemy, trying to hinder the people of God from entering into God’s blessings and His promised land.


So we all have to remember this, when we go through warfares, let us stay focused and more committed than ever before. The worst thing one can do in such a situation is to come against your spiritual covering and give up, rather be more radical and use your seed to bruise the enemy!


2012 is a year of opportunities and great favor for those who has tapped into His shower of blessings.


Yours Sincerly, Apostles Ngabo


The Days of Loss and the Cankerworn are over



Dec. 16, 2011

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten–the great
locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm–
my great army that I sent among you. Joe. 2:25

The days of loss and what the cankerworm has stolen are over. For you
are entering into a new season.  The days of what has been stolen are
coming to an end.  For even though there has been great loss, I can
fill the cup again.  Even though your supply has been lessened, it
will be replenished from my heavens above.  For the long hours of
great tribulations that have brought more than one season of intense
trials upon you, are coming to an end.

Yes difficult days are ahead, but days of restoration are also close
at hand.  For I have seen the plight of the widow and widower.  I have
seen how many of my people are living in abject poverty.  I watch and
see as the rich get richer, and the poor are left to fend for
themselves.  The world is racing towards judgment and yet, my heart
breaks for those who are in great need.  There is so much inequality
in the world today.  The children are left to and given the bread from
a lost generation.  I weep for those who are in need.  I weep for the
starving ones who are living in tents and in the desert.

The day will come when the weeping will cease.  The day will come when
the desert will bloom again.  I will feed my children beside streams
of living water.  Those who have added riches to riches will find
themselves in situations of great need.  For I was hungry and you fed
me not.  I was thirsty and you gave me no water.

But my own will be cared for.  Even though the pantry has run dry and
even though there is no bread, my storehouse will replenish you.
Remember that the widow’s jar of oil never ran out and she had enough
to sustain both her and her son through the days that were difficult
then.  And I tell you true, I can do the same in this hour as well.  “

Stephen Hanson